The illusion of desktop. The reality of leveraging the cloud.

XCFrontier is our innovative remote desktop approach to faster internet browsing, accessing and working with software applications such as Microsoft Office Suite, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, operational and financial software (Sage) or other applications with minimal data usage.

Battling with:

Employees located in remote areas

Limited access to relevant tools

Device performance and cost issues

Limited connectivity

Compromised data

Time to think about:

Cost savings

Integrating your Microsoft platform

Minimal bandwidth usage

Using any device

Always on security

Decentralised workforce ready – centralised management and support via XContent.

Focused on the application not the desktop
Works independent of the user device - mobile phone, tablet and laptop

Not VDI or DaaS
A new approach to how information systems are accessed and deployed
Provides cost saving, ease of use, safety, security and mobility

Designed to enhance security and information protection as data is not stored on the device

All processing in the cloud
Minimal data usage through sending just a screen update using kilobytes to the user device

Can be deployed on-premise or as a hosted solution based on requirements

XCFrontier supports:


Android Applications

Linux/ Unix

Licensed Application Access

Open Source and Closed Source applications

Security Mechanisms:

Identity and Access Management (username and password)



Dual Layer Authentication

Centralised data access

Complete Audit Trail of Data Access (all registered/logged on users)

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