Making speed, agility and growth come alive.

Giving you the edge. More agile, quicker to react and more effective. Deliver great customer experiences, take advantage of technology to cut costs, reduce risk, improve security and transparency. Build value.


Do your best work every time from anywhere.

Boost productivity

Work better together

Provide anywhere access to business information

Use shared business insights to be more productive

Keep employees productive as they use a wide range of devices

Protect your data wherever it goes

Flexible. Do your best work with familiar tools – the Office you know plus tools to get more done – anytime, anywhere.

Connect better with email, instant messaging, social networking and video conferencing.

Drive learning and continuous improvement – working smart.

Work seamlessly anywhere and pick up where you left off on any device.

Technology has changed interaction with devices, apps and your data. Keep your business information secure with solutions that minimise this complexity and manage both on-premises and in the cloud.

Collaborate how and when you want to, manage changes in shared documents working offline, online or simultaneously with others.

Empower teamwork through the sharing of files, data, news and resources. Come together effortlessly and securely with team members inside and outside your organisation – across PCs, Macs and mobile devices.


All through optimising your business.

Drive efficiency, reduce cost

Master business continuity and security

Flexible IT to fit your business

Get more out of existing technology investments

Optimise business processes and application management

Manage data and enable analytics

Agility on your terms. Adaptable. Instant.

Infrastructure evolution

Internet of Things

Apps, data and process integration

Flowing development and test

Effective and cost efficient storage

Built right in. Your business safeguarded and risk ready.

Always on business continuity

Data Loss Prevention made real for you

No fuss identity and mobility security

Maximum technology landscape protection

The cyber threat is real.

The Fortinet Threat Map provides real-time visibility to cyber attacks.


Agility on your terms. Adaptable. Instant.

Evolving your infrastructure from the ground up. Don’t limit your ability to address key challenges and opportunities in today’s digital world. An integrated, flexible cloud platform provides the power and flex required to stay ahead. XContent provides an intelligent, dynamic collection of integrated cloud services – analytics, backup, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and more.

Always on the latest technology platform

Auto scaling

No upfront investment in infrastructure

Fast deployment

Quicker time to market

Line of business apps

Real time.

Modernise your internal line of business (LOB) applications to meet IT challenges and rapidly changing business needs. Digital transformation starts with cloud technology and enables faster development, higher productivity, reduced costs, and more secure applications throughout your organisation.
Innovate to stay ahead of the competition. Build, test, and deploy LOB applications with our open and scalable platform—faster and at a fraction of the cost of on-premises deployments.

Offload the heavy lifting.

It’s all about your needs.
Scalable so you won’t outgrow.
Flexible as your business needs change.
Lower costs and pay only for what you need.


Simple, distributed, cross-platform file system

  • Lift and shift migration
  • Simple and inexpensive
  • Move data to cloud with no coding


Premium storage for I/O intensive applications

  • Low latency, high throughput
  • Automatic triple replication
  • Enterprise-grade durability


Massively-scalable object storage for unstructured data

  • Cost-effective for massive volume
  • Tiered storage options
  • Single infrastructure with global reach


Durable queues for large volume cloud services

  • Simple, cost-effective messaging
  • Decoulped component flexibility
  • Resilient scaling and buffering


Flexible NoSQL database

  • Key-value table storage
  • Structureed or unstructured data
  • Low latency at internet scale

Data Management

Scale with more freedom.

Flex your business through predictive analytics across all of your data with tools you already know and love—Power BI, Excel, and third-party BI tools. Plus, seamless compatibility with machine learning, ingestion, data movement, and data store services ensures transformative insights over all your data.

When you connect your business with IOT, the opportunities are endless.

Transform your business with Microsoft IoT

Building things

IoT begins with your things. Build with your things, from adding sensors to creating smart devices, to start your IoT solutions.

Control your things

Deploy IoT solutions that control, monitor, and manage your things, allowing you to capture real-time data.

Analyse data

Take the data you collect and apply advanced analytics to uncover new business insights.

Act on insights

Transform insights into action through powerful applications - creating new revenue and business opportunities.

Remote monitoring

Reduce manual, time consuming processes when connecting and monitoring business devices and assets. Access, analyse and use untapped data for the automation of processes such as remote diagnostics. Saving you time, money and effort.

Predictive maintenance

Prempt your maintenance needs to prevent equipment failures and unplanned downtime. Analyse data to quickly assess conditions, alerts and proactive maintenance before costly repairs happen.

Connected field service

Detect, troubleshoot and resolve issues remotely before there’s even a problem. Automatically dispatch field agents with the right tools to deliver first-time fixes.

Smart buildings

Reduce cost, improve efficiencies, occupant satisfaction and productivity using IOT. Get insights, connect building devices and systems. Collect data and enable powerful analytics.


Go beyond passwords

Take your security and compliance leaps forward. Help protect against identity compromise with conditional access and multifactor authentication, while you automatically identify potential breaches before they cause damage.

Protect against identity compromise

Augment password with additional layers of authentication security.

Detect unusual authentications

Identity signs of breach early for a proactive notification of suspicious behaviour.

Respond automatically

Automatically elevate access required and provide risk-based conditional access.


Expand device control

Alleviate bring your own device (BYOD) concerns. Support personal devices throughout your organisation with endpoint security strategies that detect suspicious activity and quickly respond to attacks.

Protect devices with encryption

Manage company and personal devices to encrypt data and ensure compliance.

Detect unusal activity

Identity signs of breach early for a proactive notification of suspicious behaviour.

Respond by blocking devices

Quickly block, quarantine, or wipe any device suspected to be compromised.


Shine a light on email content

Check incoming mail and attachments for malicious content and block. Use applications without putting corporate information at risk by adding protection ranging from access privileges to data encryption.

Protect with encryption

Add protection ranging from access privileges to data encryption.

Monitor activity

Check incoming mail and attachments for malicious content.

Respond to threats

Block suspect content.

Business Continuity

Best-in-class business continuity offering—one that allows you to recover from disruptions in minutes, with minimal data loss. Minimal investment, assured recovery of applications and systems. Data sovereignty with geo-replicated off-site storage., Reduced data loss (RPO), reduced implementation time, and increased speed of recovery (RTO) with premium service level agreements. Monitoring and management of protection and recovery, with the ability to increase focus on the core business instead of devoting resources to the development, administration, maintenance, and security of an on-premises disaster recovery solution.

Orchestrate your disaster recovery plan

Automate protection and replication of virtual machines

Remote health monitoring

Customisable recovery plans

No-impact recovery plan testing

Orchestrated recovery when needed

Replication to - and recovery in - Azure

Data Loss Prevention

Your business’s data is critical to your success. You need influential data to be readily available for decision-making and it needs to be protected so that it isn't shared with audiences that should not have access to it. You need data that is managed in a uniform way across your business plus the prevention of important business data being accidentally published to services such as social media sites.

Enjoy the ability to create and enforce policies that define which specific business data can be shared with.

Our decisive data loss prevention solutions ensure your protection while your workforce is productive working securely from anywhere. Five layers of built in security and proactive monitoring helping you to derisk your business from unknown and ever evolving cyberthreats.


Happening invisibly and all the time.

Simple and reliable cloud-integrated backup as a service

Unified solution to help protect data on-premises and in the cloud

99.9% availability SLA

Reliable offsite backup target

Efficient incremental backups

Highly secure - data is encrypted in transit and at rest

Geo-replicated backup store

Protect against identity compromise

Augment password with additional layers of authentication security.

Detect unusual authentications

Identity signs of breach early for a proactive notification of suspicious behaviour.

Respond automatically

Automatically elevate access required and provide risk-based conditional access.

Web security

Block known sites (productivity) like Facebook or Twitter and enforce policy. Real-time checking of sites for malicious content. Report upon or alert on all significant events


Protect both physical and virtual perimeter of the organisation from external threat.


Deliver great customer experiences, find new customers and grow your existing ones.

Accelerate sales by winning and retaining customers

Identify and focus on the best sales opportunities

Have a better understanding of customers

Spend more time with customers, less on routine tasks

Transform your data into business insights

Keep customer data safe and private

Sales Productivity:

Increase revenues by making your sales people more productive and by improving sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Elevate User Productivity

Increase the productivity of your employees with useful tools and features that given them more time to focus on delivering exceptional work.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Streamline and automate key tasks and processes and improve your operational efficiency and customer experience

Personalise to Your Liking

Role-based design and strong personalization features provide a tailored user experience.

Making the customer-facing functions of business easier.

Centralise customer information

Automate marketing interactions

Provide business intelligence

Facilitate communications

Enable responsive customer service

Keep Your Customers Happy

Enables consistent and meaningful conversations with your customers in turn increasing customer satisfaction and value.

Make Insightful Decisions

Delivers composite views of multiple applications, data and visual insight that enable more insightful decisions.

Smart data – smarter business.

Start combining relevant data from anywhere

Reduce costs by collecting, storing, and processing data in the cloud.

Scale infinitely and manage planned or unexpected events with elastic data stores.

Aggregate any type of data and connect infromation to wherever you need it.

And leverages advanced analytics

Detect subtle patterns and insights by analysing massive amounts of data from many sources.

Shape new business outcomes by predicting what may happen in the future.

Automate decision-making to accelerate business and aid competitive advantage.

Go from data to inspired insights in minutes. Any data, any way, anywhere. All in one view.

Connect to multiple data sources, simplify manipulation and surfacing of insights. A solution that is scalable across your business with governance and security built-in.

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