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Enable Trust

XContent enables trust with technology. It’s not an afterthought, it’s built into the Microsoft solutions we offer that deliver speed, agility and growth in your business. Built right in. Your business safeguarded and risk ready.

Maximised technology landscape protection

Data loss protection made real

Always on business continuity

GDPR – it’s everywhere. Exactly where you don’t want
your data to be.

The GDPR aims to safeguard against privacy and data breaches in a new global environment where business, technology and data are interconnected. The GDPR applies to organisations within the European Union (EU), as well as companies located outside of the EU. That means any organisation offering goods or services to, or monitors the behaviour of, EU data subjects. Regulations apply to both controllers and processors, which means that “clouds” are not exempt from GDPR enforcement.




Go beyond passwords.
Provide protection at the front door.
Simply access to devices and apps.

• Built in secure forms of multi-factor authentication (PINs and biometric security protocols).
• Password free access (Windows Hello) for secure single sign-on to all apps.
• Central management of single sign-on across devices, on-premise and in the cloud.

Expand device control.
Virtualise your apps.
Manage devices and apps.
• Data encryption and compliance on all company and personal devices.
• Block, quarantine or wipe any suspected or compromised devices.
• Efficient delivery & management of Windows desktops and apps on all devices.
• Secure central management of apps and data on IOS, Android and Windows.

Seamless security across products/apps
Shine a light on email, documents and collaboration

Our integrated approach and unified platform protects endpoints and automates incident response.

• Automated checking and blocking of suspected malicious incoming mail & attachments.
• Access privileges and data encryption.
• Powerful threat intelligence and best-in-class machine learning to mitigate advanced phishing campaigns and malware.


What gets used
What gets accessed
What is stored

Data Loss Prevention
Backup & Disaster Recovery.

Create and enforce policies that define levels of business data security, access and maintenance. Five layers of security and proactive monitoring to derisk your business.

Happening invisibly all the time. Simple and reliable cloud-integrated backup and hybrid storage as a service. Your data and applications protected and compliant no matter where they reside. Reduced cost and complexity, while achieving efficiency and scalability.

Business Continuity.
Protect IT systems and data. Affordably.

Best in class offerings with recovery from disruptions in minutes. Minimal data loss and investment with assured recovery of applications and systems. Monitoring and management of protection and recovery.

Realise business agility focusing on your core business instead of resourcing development, administration, maintenance and security of backup and disaster recovery solutions.
• Automate protection and replication of virtual machines.
• Remote health monitoring.
• Customisable recovery plans.
• No-impact recovery plan testing.
• Orchestrated recovery when needed.
• Replication to – and recovery in – Azure.

Achieve low recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) targets. Eliminate the hassle and cost. Tap into unlimited capacity at a moment’s notice. Simple and cost-effective.

Safeguard & Respond

Simplified, intelligent security safeguarding

Understand your security posture Effective threat detection and response using insights into your security state and the risk that impact your resources

Implement consistent controls. Customized consistent security policies to enable controls that are critical

Harden your posture with intelligence. Built in intelligence, recommendations and expert guidance

Web Security
Secure hybrid cloud workloads

Block known and suspicious sites and enforce policies.Real-time checking of sites for malicious content.

Quickly block and detect malicious activity on workloads running on premises or in the cloud using our advanced analytics. Identify and remediate attacks coming from inside and outside of your network.

Ready for next-gen threats

Quickly block and detect malicious activity on workloads running on premises or in the cloud using our advanced analytics.
Identify and remediate attacks coming from inside and outside of your network.

Rapid locating of suspicious user activity reducing false positives
Provision of end-to-end investigation across endpoints and identities.