XC Tyre Management System

Making big data work for you by using Tyre Management software

Tyre Management System in the Cloud.

The XCTMS solution is a comprehensive independent tyre management system that caters for the maintenance,management and reporting of vehicle tyre performance on all registered vehicles for multiple fleets.

Warning! ️ Driving on any tyre that does not have the correct inflation pressure is dangerous and will cause tyre damage. Any Under inflated tyre builds up excessive heat that may result in Sudden tyre destruction.

Even with warnings like this it is still not uncommon to find fleets with below an average of 70% inflation pressure. What is often lacking it’s not the desire of the fleet owner or logistics manager to correctly inflate his fleets tyres, but what they lack the management tools to manage what is sometimes a very labour intensive and time-consuming exercise.

“When you run under-inflated, the stresses in the tire increase dramatically and this additional stress will cause the rubber temperature to increase. As the tire gets hotter, the rubber will begin to soften, degrade. The result is that tread wear will increase and reduce your tyre removal kilometers.” – http://www.psitiredigest.com

Its not just that you lose out on kilometres but under-inflation creates a whole assortment of associated problems from casing longevity to where tyres are removed prematurely due to handling problems.

Tyre conditions where under-inflation is a cause fall into 2 primary categories

Casing Conditions
Tyre Wear

Bead Area:

• Bead Damage from rim flange wear
• Bead Deformation
• Bead damage due to overload/ under-inflation
• Reinforce/chafer separation

Steer Axle:

• Cupping/scallop/wavy wear
• Rib depression/punch wear
• Spot wear

Sidewall Area:

• Crack at edge of retread wing
• Circumferential fatigue rupture (zipper break)
• Run flat (only sidewalls remain)

Drive Axle:

• Rapid shoulder wear – one shoulder
• Shoulder wear/chamfer wear
• Heel/toe wear

Crown Area:

• Wild wire
• Lug base cracking
• Rib tearing
• Belt lift/separation

Trailer Axle:

• Centre Wear
• Shoulder step/chamfer wear
• Cupping/scallop/wavy wear

Tyre Interior:

• Open innerliner splice
• Innerliner cracking
• Pulled/loose cords
• Run Flat
• Failed tire repair from under-inflation

Let’s face it ensuring tyres are always correctly inflated requires not just about having a willingness to set things straight but the doggedness and determination to ensure things stay that way. Management of this task in the past has always been a paper-based trail which unfortunately has its inefficiency associated with all manual record keeping systems.

This relentless often labour-intensive management process has often led these tasks been subbed off to junior management and sometimes to the technician, fitters, mechanics etc. Everyone assumes the job is being done with the checks and balances but they just aren’t.

Innovative solutions of XCTMS

Using Telematics for the benefit of the Tyres in your fleet

XCTMS is a Tyre management program that ventures into telematics. The rational was to produce an independent tyre management software program which would enable the transporter to manage his fleet via a smart phone and removing the need for paper-based trails.

Smart phone and pressure / thread depth tool

The system works Using any android smart phone or tablet and is paired with a Bluetooth device which measures both tread depth and the pressure of the tyre enabling the transporter to know with far more degree certainty and accuracy that the vehicles leaving his depots do so with the correct inflation pressures and sufficient legal tread depth.

Smart phone and pressure / thread depth tool

The system works Using any android smart phone or tablet and is paired with a Bluetooth device which measures both tread depth and the pressure of the tyre enabling the transporter to know with far more degree certainty and accuracy that the vehicles leaving his depots do so with the correct inflation pressures and sufficient legal tread depth.

Workflows and Accountability

Tyres that are outside of the clients set parameters are flagged automatically for corrections an displayed in a graphic and excel format for easy identification and delegation for action.
As each user has a unique login every action can ultimately be traced to the person flagging the problem and the person correcting the problem. Although not the primary reason for the program it does enable you to control stock much easier.

XContent plans is to broaden this aspect of the system.

Observations and Actions

Reporting and correction cannot be easier with XCTMS. Customised observations and specified actions are logged on XCTMS via the mobile smartphone like when feathered wear is seen on a tyre. This is logged so the alignment specialist can be sent a notification for correction on the vehicle.

A bolt lodged in a tyre tread requires the tyre to be removed and repaired by specialist in order to avoid a costly breakdown. A worn kingpin, wheel bearing, shock, bushing or other worn mechanical parts causing irregular wear needs to be reported to be corrected. Having an option to flag any problem is a feature in the reporting function on the smartphone app which allows any user who has the app to submit an observation and required action is an advantage.

Budgeting Tool, CPK and Tyre History

One the most important aspects of a tyre program is it ability to help the user make budgeting decisions, and is dependent on the ability of the program to help ascertain the rate of wear of a tyre across the full spectrum of tyre sizes, brands, patterns including retreads. With access to data like this you can budget for your tyre purchases more accurately whether monthly or for quarterly purposes.

Another aspect that is of vital importance in a tyre program to ensure that the history of the tire from inception to disposal is accurately maintained in a progression of CPK for its first life and then subsequent retreading lives in order to reveal the overall CPK for each casing brand.

Each tyre becomes a test tyre in your fleet which is being throughout its life until you finally a scrap it.A neat feature of the XContent system is the scrapping function. Tyres are scrapped on the mobile app and a picture taken; finishing off the “cradle to grave” life cycle and the reason for failure is kept and analysed.This type of data mining allows the user to select the best brand tyre It’s for its initial life and retreading value.

Data protection and Instantaneous data access

What makes this program stand out from others is its TOTAL INDEPENDENCE. This is not run by a tyre manufacturer or tyre dealer. Having your data in the hands of your supplier is tantamount to having a fox in the henhouse as all your data is exposed and all your costs are known to the tyre supplier. And your negotiating leverage is gone. An program that has been designed with the help of tyre professionals but not in the hands of the tyre supplier or manufacturer guarantees your data stays with you and is protected. I heard of many instances where when the tyre supplier leaves the customer loses all the data as the supply agreement includes suppliers tyre program inevitably having to start Recording tyre data again from scratch and the cycle continues on and on. Having your own independent tyre program regardless of supplier is the way to go.

Knowing that the data is being recorded directly to the Internet from a smartphone via a probe the data is less prone to manipulation considerably more accurately and less labour intensive efficiently, and captures that data live on the Microsoft Azure cloud Platform making it instantaneously available to management at any location where a user can access the internet and has password access. Additionally there is no need for and expensive infrastructure, no servers on site, no IT specialists to ensure data is protected this is all down to the Microsoft platform. What do you simply need is an Internet connection. The processing power of beers your platform does most of the work